A player may be carded (Yellow or Red) either “ON FIELD” or once the Judiciary Committee has reviewed the referee’s official match report.

Following each round, any offences may be further reviewed and/or graded by the Judiciary Committee if deemed necessary.  The judiciary has the right to hand down further sentencing in the form of additional Yellow cards (POST GAME) or Match suspensions.  “ON FIELD” Red Cards may be downgraded or reversed providing enough evidence exists to support a team’s appeal or the Judiciary Committee’s independent review.  Yellow Cards may not be appealed. Sentencing works as follows:

  • Red Card – Pending Game suspension upon further review
  • 3 Yellow Cards in a single season – Automatic 1 Game suspension

Note:  Professional fouls are not counted towards game suspensions.  All active Yellow cards are reset to zero once the playoffs begin


Judiciary Offenses

  • Trips, kicks or strikes another player
  • When tackling or attempting to tackle makes contact with the head or neck of an opponent
  • Drops knees first on an opponent on the ground
  • Uses a dangerous throw
  • Intentionally & continuously breaks the Laws of the Game
  • Uses offensive or obscene language
  • Disputes a decision of the Referee or Touch Judges
  • Re-enters the field of play without the permission of the referee or touch judge
  • Behaves in any way contrary to the true spirit of the game
  • Intentional obstruction of an opponent not in possession