USARL Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan provides the USARL with a framework to perform a number of key functions, including:

  • Signalling to all stakeholders the future plans of the organisation;
  • Identifying those areas which need particular attention during the planning period to help ensure continued success;
  • Guiding management and operational planning activities including priority setting, resource allocation, performance monitoring processes; and
  • Setting goals and targets against which the organisation can report to their members and other stakeholders.


The USARL focuses on and conducts Rugby League activities, youth development, education and training as required for clubs to compete in competitions. The USARL also conducts social and fund raising activities for the development of the organisation and the betterment and improved wellbeing of its member clubs, players, coaches, match and club officials, volunteers, participants, fans, sponsors, charities and the community at large. The USARL works towards successful relationships with government organisations, corporations and business for mutual benefits and financial support.

Market Activities:

  • Children, youth and mostly 18 – 35 year old males and females for sport specific participation;
  • All ages of males and females as an interest to be a volunteer, spectator or supporter; and
  • Corporations as a conduit for exposure to their business.

Strategic Intentions:

  1. Maintain a constructive constitution that outlines the organisation’s basic laws and principles while complimenting the culture of the USARL.
  2. Develop and maintain a robust operating budget to attain financial stability.
  3. Recruit and maintain professional directors, executives, management, coaching and development personnel, trainers, match officials and administration staff.
  4. Recruit, retain, develop and train suitable players for a successful domestic and international agenda.
  5. Continue to recruit, retain and increase worthy members and enthusiastic volunteers.
  6. Provide comparatively first class facilities for players, members, spectators and sponsors.
  7. Continue to source and build value-for-money relationships with sponsors.
  8. Build and maintain community links and relationships, extend available resources and work within community projects as required or necessary.

The USARL offers well organised social and competitive opportunities for all community members, from children and youth to adult, to play, coach, officiate and administer.

To seek, satisfy and maintain the criteria for membership of the RLEF and RLIF. Membership fees from member clubs, affiliates, associates and player contribution dues to reflect member’s eligibility, provide value-for-money and a structured means for USARL membership and member club or affiliate revenue.

Quality Business Management
To manage the USARL, including, managing the risks of conducting the organisations activities in a competent and accountable manner.

Maintain Financial Viability
To competently and accountably manage the USARL’s finances, including, seeking further opportunities for sponsorship, fundraising and grants and ensuring the long-term financial viability of the organisation.

People Management
To effectively recruit, train, retain and recognise USARL and club Board/Committee members, management, staff and volunteers.

Facility Management
Work with facility providers to effectively manage, maintain and upgrade USARL member club/region playing and practice facilities.

Create a positive awareness in the local community of the USARL’s activities through marketing, promotion and publicity initiatives.

Quality Education and Training
Develop quality education and training programs and provide a range of services and activities to increase awareness, activities and participation for the USARL, member clubs/regions, match officials association, schools and colleges and Rugby League in general.

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