USA Developing Regions

Expansion opportunities throughout the USA

The USARL is dedicated to the development, promotion and expansion of Rugby League throughout the United States. In addition to our first division competition, we have a number of developing regions actively working towards the goal of one day participating in this exciting new league. Over the course of the next 12 months a number of these clubs will be participating in invitational matches on the west coast and throughout the mid-west. If you are interested in supporting these clubs and wish to help promote the game, please contact using the information below. We look forward to your future involvement and efforts to help grow the game in the USA.

Orange County Outlaws (Rugby League Football Club)

The OC Outlaws are riding into town, bringing Rugby League to sunny Orange County, California. Headquartered in Newport Beach, with beautiful playing fields anticipated in Costa Mesa, the Outlaws, with its affiliation to USARL, remain dedicated to the development and expansion of professional Rugby League in the USA. Through civic interaction, strategic marketing and strong community affiliations and sponsorships, the OC Outlaws intend to promote Rugby League at all levels, while taking the West Coast by storm! Visit:
Contact Trevor Leeds:

Pittsburgh Sledgehammers (Rugby League Football Club)

The Pittsburgh Sledgehammers began life in 2010 as the Pittsburgh Vipers in the AMNRL. The Vipers’ roster was filled with many players from the union code and learning the league code proved to be a challenge to the new team. After a tough inaugural season, the Vipers changed their name to the Pittsburgh Sledgehammers and decided to join the USARL as a developmental team. As a developmental team, the Sledgehammers hope to build a solid foundation that will enable them to be more competitive in the future and join the top tier of the USARL. Visit:
Contact Glenn Csonka:

Los Angeles Raiders (Rugby League Football Club)

The Los Angeles Raiders formed in February 2011 as a means to further expand rugby league in California. With strong links to the NRL in Australia, namely the Canberra Raiders, the clubs seeks to take a community wide approach as to engage kids as well as adults’ from all walks of life. On the West Coast the Raiders will be seeking to participate in the inaugural WC Division Competition in 2012 and will be actively involved in tournaments and clinics along the way. The club is lead by Thomas Khoshaba, supported by an advisory panel, which includes NRL Club CEO’s and a Director of the Rugby League Players Association. We look forward to building a strong base on the WC and look forward to showcasing the greatest game of all.
Contact Thomas Khoshaba:

Seattle Force (Rugby League Football Club)

Seattle Force has already made leaps and bounds in the development of Rugby League in Seattle. Clinics are planned around local schools, along with a non-contact version (Touch) competition played out of Magnuson Park, and charity work with Seattle Children’s Hospital. We are interested in hearing from any interested party wanting to get involved either as a player, coaching staff or simply looking to invest to allow Seattle Force to strive forward. Visit:
Contact: Mike Thompson:

Texas Rugby League (Dallas & Houston)

The mission of the Texas Rugby League Federation, est in 2011, will be to bring exciting, rugby league football to underserved markets and to provide additional opportunities for players to showcase their talents and capabilities. Texas RLF offers full field, outdoor, rugby league football using 13 a side rules and playing top talent in the mid year months. Texas RLF will be holding several tryout combines prior to summer season and competitions. These combines are open to all interested players that have registered at and meet eligibility criteria. The Texas RLF, managed by Loren Broussard (ex-USA international) has opportunities for team operators and venue organizers in the following cities: Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Odessa, Austin, San Antonio, Little Rock & Oklahoma City.
Contact Loren Broussard: