Chairman’s Welcome

Welcome from Peter Illfield - Chairman of USA Rugby League.

Dear Enthusiast, Supporter and Fan

Welcome to a new arena of Rugby League in America. One that will be stimulated and motivated by transparency, accountability and equitable participation by its members. It will expand across the vast plains and mountain thresholds, from coast to coast.

That arena will hold participants, administrators, volunteers, fans and supporters of the USA Rugby League LLC (USARL). The USARL was formed in January, from clubs already participating in Rugby League on the east coast, to satisfy a common need to have a democratic and transparent philosophy in the nationwide administration, conduct and development of the game.

The members, a representative from each interested club, formed a Board of Directors, elected a Chairman and appointed a Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board will be responsible for constructing policies, strategies and plans for Business, Marketing, Public Relations, Football Operations, Coaching and Development. The management and practice of these strategies and plans will lead to identifying key stakeholders for organisational stamina, financial stability and operational sustainability.

Our vision is to provide a sound and sustainable structure to support and stimulate national interest and participation while motivating victorious achievements of a world-class standard

How can you, the enthusiast, supporter or fan help the USARL achieve our vision and plans? Continue to follow us online or Facebook (Like) and by doing so you share us with your friends. When our online shop becomes available, we ask that you purchase some merchandise all of which goes back into developing the games of Rugby League in the USA.

Sincerely yours,
Peter J Illfield
Chairman – USA Rugby League