Mindaribba Warriors defeat Philadelphia Fight in 9s Final

The Philadelphia Fight would like to thank their sponsors and partners for help in making Saturday’s 2016 USARL Annual International 9s Tournament and Beer Garden a successful day.

Thank you to all of the teams that came and participated: MWRLC – Mindaribba Warriors White Plains Wombats XIII Latin Heat Rugby League – North America Brantford Broncos, and all those individuals who traveled to make up the USARL Barbarian’s team.

Most importantly, we want to say a big thank you to all of the fans that came out on Saturday to support and cheer us on. We hope to see everyone again through out the season, but this time hopefully with some better weather. ‪#‎UpTheFight‬

Results by Game

  • Philadelphia Fight defeat Mindaribba Warriors 16 – 12
  • Brantford Broncos defeat Latin Heat 22 – 18
  • Philadelphia Fight defeat White Plains Wombats 24-12
  • Brantford Broncos defeat Barbarians 26-8
  • Mindaribba Warriors defeat White Plains Wombats 12- 10
  • Latin Heat defeat Barbarians 28 – 16
  • Philadelphia Fight defeat Brantford Broncos 24 – 14
  • Mindaribba Warriors defeat Latin Heat 32 – 12
  • White Plains Wombats defeat Barbarians 26 – 0


  • White Plains Wombats defeat Latin Heat 28 – 12
  • Mindaribba Warriors defeat Barbarians
  • Philadelphia Fight defeat White Plains Wombats 24 – 4
  • Mindaribba Warriors defeat Brantford Broncos 24 – 12

Grand Final

  • Mindaribba Warriors defeat Philadelphia Fight 20 – 18

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