Fight hunt down the Black Foxes

In a much anticipated Round 7 match, The Fight played host to the expansion club, the Delaware Black Foxes.

The Black Foxes were formed by Ex-Fight member Kevin Wiggins. Wiggins was a star and fan favorite during his tenure with the Philadelphia Fight. Along with winning 3 USARL Grand Finals, Wiggins also took home the 2013 Best Forward Award. Needless to say, this was a match that the Fight circled on their calendar.

The Fight took hold of the match early and never looked back as they scored on their first possession. The Fight then held possession of the ball for the next 10 minutes, not letting their opposition touch the ball, scoring try after try.

This was made possible by the Fight’s big men. Rookie front rowers Sam Pearce, Zac Reichenbach and Paul Quirk all had outstanding games. All were tough on defense and strong in attack. Veteran Brain Confer also was a standout, scoring his first try of the season under the sticks. Second Rowers Rhys Bowdich and Fraser Stirling also exuded fine form, as Bowdich also went over the line. Lock Casey Clark also helped the scoreboard tick over, getting over for a meat pie.

The outside backs also figured in the scoring in this match. Josh Mastromatto, who played his second game of rugby league scored 3 tries. His performance earned him the right of Player’s Player. Centers Mike Garvey and John Lyons and winger Joel Beasley were each able to add 4-pointers.

Winger Mike Timpano kicked 12 from 13 goals on the afternoon. He now has an astonishing kicking percentage of 93% on the season and 124 points to go with that percentage.

Halves Rich Henson and Dan Monteleone had good days. Monteleone was able to get over the whitewash prior to an injury sidelining him for the remainder of the game. Henson was great in attack, generating many try assists and scoring 3 of his own. His work earned him Man of the Match.

It’s shaping up to be a great final match of the season to see who will come out on top as the top try scorer for the Philadelphia Fight. Jared Frymoyer and Mike Garvey lead the way with 8 a piece, but Roman Lowery and Dan Monteleone are not far behind with 7 each. Rhys Bowdich and Rich Henson are not far off with 6.

By fulltime, the score line read 76-16 for the Fight.

The Fight have been making a statement with the last three matches they’ve played, proving that they will be the team to beat come playoff time. “We seem to be peaking at the right time. There are things we are doing on the field that we weren’t able to do in previous weeks,” added Aussie import, Monteleone. “We’ve seen it on the training grounds, and it’s starting to come through in our matches. It’s fun to be a part of.”

“I’m really happy to see some of the player’s progress, most notably our new front rowers,” added captain Henson. “Sammy (Pearce), Zac (Reichenbach) and Paul (Quirk) have gone from reserve players to players who have earned their spot in the top 17. It truly won’t be an easy selection come playoff time.”

For Round 8, the Fight will travel up to Connecticut to face the Wildcats.

Try Scorers: Henson (3), Mastromatto (3), Monteleone, Bowdich, Garvey, Beasley, Lyons, Clark, Confer

Goals: Timpano (12)
Halftime Score: 46-4
Fulltime score: 76-16
Players Player: Josh Mastromatto
Man of the Match: Rich Henson

For Photo Gallery of the match click HERE (Photos Courtesy of Gene Thorpe Photography, official photographer of the Philadelphia Fight)

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