2015 Club Applications Q&A

In 2015, Rugby League in the USA will operate under a new governing body designed to expand and grow the game while meeting membership requirements set forth by the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) and the US Olympic Committee (USOC) for national governing body status in the USA.

The following has been created as a Questions & Answers section for clubs wishing to apply.

last update Tuesday Oct 7th.

Q: Will the requested EOI be an annually submitted document?
A: Yes. All clubs registered with the USARL are required to apply each year.  This is to ensure current standards of operation are being met, and that we envision some teams wishing to increase the level of competition that they compete in year to year.

Q: Will the $100 fee be an annual fee?
A: Yes. This will be an annual  administration fee to register with the USARL. This fee covers administration and consideration of the application, and upon approval, the addition of the clubs logo and link to their various websites/social media, to the USARL member teams page.

Q: Will the $100 fee be applied towards league dues?
A: The $100 fee will be an annual administration fee and will not be applied towards league dues.

Q: What are the expected club (League) dues payable to the USARL LLC and what do they include?
A: League dues will be $400 annually and will include the cost of General Liability Insurance that clubs will need to secure their playing/training venues. Clubs will need to provide the USARL with the address and contacts for their operating venues so they can be added to the USARL policy for general liability. Once clubs have been accepted, the deadline for club dues will be March 1, 2015.

Q: Are the original club members of the USARL required to submit an EOI application?
A: Yes. All clubs including the original 5 members clubs are required to apply for participation.

Q: Do players need to register and have personal health insurance to play in the USARL?
A: Yes, each player who takes to the field in a USARL match must register online at (www.usarl.com) and show proof of having personal health insurance.

Q: Is the EOI required for clubs to participate in the USARL 9′s Tournament?
A: Clubs are not required to register with the USARL in order to participate in the USARL 9′s tournament. Clubs, or groups of players forming a team to participate in the 9′s tournament will need to provide proof of medical/health insurance for each player taking part.

Q: Will there be 2nd division competition and in what regions?
A: The goal is to create a 2nd division competition for clubs that currently do not meet the minimum standards required to participate in the national (1st Division) competition. Regions and locations are to-be-determined based on the number of clubs that submit entry. This system will also be used to help foster teams or regions who wish to be considered to enter a team in the 1st Division competition in the future seasons.

Q: Can I submit a club to play in 2nd Division only?
A: Yes. Clubs that wish to learn the game of Rugby League or only have enough resources to play at a more local level are welcome to join the USARL. Those clubs may wish to form an alliance with an existing 1st Division Club to aid future growth and player recruitment. Remote regions may also apply as an official organization that wish to operate multiple teams in a development 2nd division structure providing all players are registered and proof of insurance is confirmed.

Q: How can I guarantee that my club participates in the 1st division?
A: Clubs that meet the minimum requirements listed in the EOI, are geographically suited and are willing to travel to the locations designated in their region or conference will be accepted into the league.

Q: How does a member of my club receive a seat on the USARL LLC board?
A: Each conference will have a representative elected by the clubs.  Once the USARL has finalized its member clubs and decided on the geography of the North and South conferences, the clubs from each of those conferences will elect a representative, for the existing USARL LLC Board to approve or reject, and that representative of both the North and South conference will have a voting seat on the USARL LLC Board.



Click here to visit the Expression  Of Interest (EOI) invitation page with details on the application process and to download the application form.