Fight dominate Slayers and advance

It looked like a blood-bath at times as the crippled Washington DC Slayers battled against the might of the  Philadelphia Fight, coming away with plenty of stitches to head and facial wounds but no points, in the Fight’s rollicking 76 – 0 mid-Atlantic elimination semi-final win last Saturday, August 2.

The DC Slayers left the last encounter with the Fight two weeks previous with a broken leg, dislocated clavicle and other injuries. They went on to a hard fought win over new comers Brooklyn Kings the following week and found more players unable to continue. It had been a tough two weeks, and when the mighty Fight took the field on Saturday there was little sympathy.

Only minutes into the game and the Fight were over for their first points with centre, Tristan Sylk and hooker, Jared ‘Fry’ Frymoyer scoring twice in the first quarter along with Aussie second-rower, Rhys Bowdich. Mike ‘Squirrel’ Timpano added 4 from 5 extras for a 28-0 nil end to the first quarter. Sylk found his stride early and always threatened the Slayers defense with penetrating runs. Fry found gaps and just simply out paced would-be tacklers for his 8 points, while ‘Bowdo’ pushed off several defenders for an excellent try.

Captain and halfback, Rich Henson excelled again, grabbing 2 tries in the second quarter in similar fashion to ‘Fry’, just too damn quick to be caught. The Fight’s other Aussie second-rower, ‘Jacko’ Springer muscled his way over for a 4-pointer while interchange forward, Larry Madden, was light-footed and difficult to handle for the 4th try of the quarter and the 9th before half-time. ‘Squirrel’ and Henson shared in adding the extras for a half-time score of Fight 52 – Slayers 0.

The Fight went on to score another two converted tries in each of the final two quarters. With the ever-accurate ‘Squirrel’ Timpano converting each of those tries, he ended his day at the office with 10 goals from 11 attempts for 20 points. Other try scorers in that period were Springer, for his second and Henson for his third, for a personal tally of 16 points; while five-eighth and good mate of Springer, five-eighth, Tom Dawney scored a single. Final try-scorer and Players Players for the match was young Brian Madden.

Jared Frymoyer, returning from his commitments for the US national team in Hawaii, earned further congratulations from coach Illfield, naming him MVP for this match. ‘Fry’ has found confidence in his new role as hooker and dummy-half. He continually contributed with a high work in both attack and defense, not only scoring tries, but also being effective and frequent in his tackling.

1st Qtr: 28-0, 2nd Qtr: 52-0, 3rd Qtr: 64-0, 4th Qtr: 76-0

Tries: Rich Henson – 3, Tristan Sylk – 2, Jared Frymoyer – 2, Jackson Springer – 2, Tom Dawney – 1, Rhys Bowdich – 1, Larry Madden – 1, Brian Madden – 1.
Goals: Mike Timpano – 10, Rich Henson – 2.

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