Open invitation for unification

In it’s quest for unification of Rugby League in the USA, the Board of the USARL LLC has resolved to open the 2014 Competition to all interested clubs in the eastern United States as well as announcing a Regional Conference in the Southeast.

Rugby League in the USA took another step forward with the establishment of a Southeastern Conference that will feature 2012 Champions, Jacksonville Axemen and 3 other clubs.  Since 2006, the Axemen have relished in a steady growth of fans and supporters and are well entrenched in the Jacksonville and Northeast Florida sporting community.

Further details about Southeastern Conference clubs will be announced shortly.

Open invitation for new and existing clubs

The USARL will be accepting applications of interest from clubs by way of this USARL 2014 COMPETITION APPLICATION. Upon review, the USARL Board will seek further interest from those clubs that are willing to satisfy minimum standards to participate in the competition.

The USARL will welcome clubs and their personnel wishing to join the 2014 National Competition. Each club will become a member under the Constitution of the USARL and will have representation on the USARL Board.  The USARL will conduct a national competition with a multi-regional conference format under current USARL Rules & Regulations. It will continue to support AYRLA in their youth development programs along with referee and coach education and training.  The USARL will also continue its quest to aggressively seek renewable sources of income and maintain a transparent and democratic process of growth and development in 2014 and beyond.

The 2014 competition is expected to be based on a 10 week schedule between June and August including playoffs and a Championship Final. While the overall structure has yet to be finalized, the competition will be limited to the East Coast in an effort to reduce both cost and travel with the establishment of smaller conferences within regions. The aim is for Conference schedules to operate with ALL regular season home and away games played in local regions culminating in cross-conference playoffs and and Finals.

Although initial USARL focus will be on the eastcoast to ensure a smooth, on time start to the 2014 competition, we invite applications from individuals in all regions of the USA who have the desire to develop Rugby League in their area. Once the 2014 competition is underway, discussions can to had to create plans that best assist the growth of our sport on a national basis.

Submission of application does not guarantee entrance, as a minimum standards criteria and future deposit of $1,000.00 payable prior to the announcement of the schedule will ensure the unified competition can meet league administration and operational requirements, for example: Insurance


During the initial engagement, the USARL Executive Board will independently review club applications, promptly respond to all submissions with an expected competition schedule released by late February, 2014.

Submit applications to deadline January 31, 2014.

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