Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Central Florida teams set to launch in 2014.

Southeastern Rugby League LLC (SERL) parent company of the Jacksonville Axemen are excited to announce three new teams for the Southeastern Conference in 2014.

SERL in association with various partners throughout the Southeast region are supporting bids to launch teams in the Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Central Florida (Combined Daytona/Orlando).

Each of the three teams are finalizing their applications to the USARL, and SERL along with the individual owners / groups are preparing an application to have all four teams become known as the Southeastern Conference starting in the upcoming 2014 season.

Peter Illfield (USARL Chairman) has congratulated SERL on their continued efforts to focus on the growth and development of the sport in the region, and was equally excited at this announcement. “The professional operation of the Jacksonville Axemen by Southeastern Rugby League has seen them become the consistent benchmark and flagship team in the USA. Based on them taking that style of operation and vision with them into these new partnerships, the potential for Rugby League in the Southeast region is limitless. This is one of the most exciting announcements to ever happen for our sport in the USA.”


Tampa – Led by Billy Nielson and other members who have a connection with the Tampa Krewe Union team.  Billy has also been involved with the Jacksonville Axemen operations and was responsible for the entry of the Tampa Inferno minor league team in 2014. The player pool that is available in the Tampa area, along with the number of expatriates from Rugby playing nations, should make Tampa a competitive rival right from the outset.

Central Florida – Following on the progress of the Daytona Gearheads and Orlando Adrenalin minor league teams, Craig Howitt and Kenny Britt along with other former Axemen players from central Florida have long wanted a chance to run a top tier team in the area.  Their combined leadership along with the addition of local resident and former Axemen players include Gaz Walker, Bart Longchamp and Jay Mombu should make the Central Florida team and formidable opponent from the outset.Atlanta – Australian Greg Frost along with members of the highly successful Atlanta Renegades Union team lead the development of Atlanta’s first Rugby League team. A partnership between the Atlanta team and one of the worlds most successful and iconic Rugby League Teams will be released shortly.

Team Names, Venues and Sponsorship details and packages will be made available in the coming weeks.|

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