USARL 9s goes global in 2013

Philadelphia Sat, May 18th, The USARL International 9s tournament will see teams from the USARL and around the globe participate in an exciting day of Rugby League.

9s is an exciting spectacle similar to the popular Rugby 7s but is unique in design to showcase the explosive speed and strength often witnessed in Rugby League.  Competing teams will field 9 players each side for two x 9 minute halves in a group and knockout style tournament.

Back-to-back winners, the New Zealand Police will return for a 3rd year in a row but will face even tougher competition both domestic and abroad.  Host club, the Philadelphia Fight will lead the charge to keep the trophy on US soil with support from other US teams in the New England and DC area. The Fight are expecting a full strength roster with most of their imports arriving early for the tournament.

USARL teams will be tested early as newcomers and favorites the Australian Aboriginals and Fiji Residents (Batis team) are sure to delight fans with their electrifying skill and pace that is well suited to the 9s style of play. Also playing in the tournament are the Jamaica Red Sharks and British Columbia Bulldogs who will use the 9s tournament to measure their standard of game play on the international stage. In addition, AYRLA (American Youth Rugby League Association) are currently exploring submitting a combined New England college team comprised of players from their upcoming College program. Details about the program to be released shortly.  While still waiting on confirmation from several other clubs, the USARL is likely to go with pool of four groups each comprised of 3 teams.

The event will take place on Sat, May 18th at the recently revamped A. A. Garthwaite Staduim in Conshohocken. Rugby League players and fans will see a new and improved ground that has rebuilt the field, locker rooms, grandstands and entrance.

The day will also include entertainment from fan favorites “Fight Vixens” as well as tents from local sponsors. The Valley Forge Casino will be on hand with giveaways along with new Fight sponsors Jagermeister who are sure to draw a crowd. Local caterer’s and beer companies will be selling food and beverages throughout the day in what is sure to be a carnival like atmosphere filled with plenty of world class Rugby League action.

Tickets are available at the gate $10 (Adults), $5 (kids) or $20 for a family of 4. From bookings of 10 contact Ryan McGough for discounts and packages.

Traveling fans will benefit from discounted rooms at the Valley Forge Casino only minutes from the Stadium. Details to follow shortly.

USARL International 9s Tournament
Saturday May 18th, 2013
A. A. Garthwaite Staduim
Harry St and E 11th Ave Conshohocken PA 19428

About the USARL 9’s

Rugby league nines (or simply nines) is a version of rugby league football played with nine players on each side. The game is substantially the same as full rugby league (13 a side), with some differences in rules and shorter games. Nines is usually played in festivals, as its shorter game play allows for a tournament to be completed in a day or over a single weekend. It has become more popular than the similar rugby league sevens (rugby league with seven players to a side), with many tournaments using nines to distinguish it from rugby union sevens.

The same as rugby league laws with the following exceptions.

  • Each team is allowed a squad of up to fifteen players, with no more than nine players on the field at any time. Unlimited substitutions are allowed from a named bench of four players.
  • The match lasts for 20 minutes, divided into two halves of 9 minutes. 2 minute interval allowing for the teams to change ends.
  • Each half starts with a place kick.
  • Scrums consist of no more than 5 forwards, with a maximum 3 in the front row and 2 in the second row. When the ball is in the scrum no more than 4 players from each team shall act as backs. The ball must emerge from behind the feet of the second row.
  • Conversions after a successful try take the form of drop kicks. Players from the team that has conceded the score do not have to retire behind the try line but must not interfere with any conversion attempt.
  • When points have been scored the team against which points have been scored will receive a drop kick from the team that scored (must travel at least 10 meters).

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