Australia’s Aboriginal Dreaming set to impress at USARL International 9s tournament

Australia’s Aboriginal Dreaming is will make its debut on the world stage for the third annual Rugby League nines tournament in the United States in May.

Team organizer, Dan Randall has rallied the best of Australian indigenous talent keen for a taste of football in United States.

The formidable side is a strong contender in the tournament with players proud to platform their Aboriginal heritage and showcase their talent by coming up against rivals from around the globe.

Dan Randall, was keen to play in the tournament for Philadelphia Fight, but thought it would be a better idea to organize his own team, with the USARL right behind the move

“Chairman Peter Illfield and Ryan McGough were all for me trying to bring a team over so we’re now looking to showcase our culture and our football ability,” Randall said.

“There aren’t too many indigenous Rugby League teams that tour overseas, so this will be a good opportunity. Plus it’s to experience the US and the way they play footy,” he continued.

Dan has put together a strong and talented mix of players from New South Wales and Queensland.

The impressive line up boasts well known names like Yileen Gordon who  started his rugby career at the NRL’s South Sydney Rabbitohs Club and  Australia Rugby Union 7s player Arthur Little.

Although the team hasn’t heard too much about the USARL competition, players don’t plan on under estimating the other teams’ ability.

“We don’t want to take anyone lightly,” Randall said.

The Australian side looks forward to the fast paced, explosive nature of the tournament and are looking to turn the heat up with a performance that will justify their position as favourites, ultimately returning home on top.

“I’d also like to let the other sides know we are there to win and not a holiday, so I’ve put together a very talented side,” Randall said.

Media enquiries to Dan Randall ph: +61403701228

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