USARL welcome the Blues!

The USARL welcome the inclusion of the Baltimore Blues into the 2012 National Competition and as a Member Club of the USARL.

Headed up by recently converted rugby league lover in Joe Pontak, the Baltimore Blues will take the field in 2012. Pontak a former lacrosse player has only being playing rugby league for the past two years with Boston 13s and then last year with the DC Slayers. At 33 Pontak was so drawn to the game he decided he wanted to be more involved beyond his short exposure and limited time left playing the game.

Asked why he started the club, Pontak said. “Back in 2010, I decided to play for my mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was one of the most heart-wrenching moments of my life. I wanted to her to see me pull on a professional jersey, play each week and make her proud.” He continued, “I’m looking forward to creating a brotherhood amongst our players, and founding the club upon the values that Rugby League has taught me: Family, Honor, Heart and Friendship.”

The Blues are currently exploring ground options in central Baltimore that match USARL field standards and are in negotiations with several sponsors that have verbally committed to their 2012 season. Player ranks are already over 20 with half having backgrounds in Rugby Union through local Colleges UNBC and Loyala. The other athletes have backgrounds with American football all having expressed an interest in learning and playing Rugby League. The Blues are looking into bringing in an overseas coach and possibly players for several key positions.

The 2012 USARL National Competition is due to commence on June 2 with Grand Finalists, Philadelphia Fight and New Haven Warriors, opening proceedings with a rematch of the 2011 Championship decider in New Haven as part of the season opening weekend.”

If you are interested in joining the Baltimore Blues Rugby League Club for their inaugural year, contact:

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