The Rebellion on Man v. Food

Man v. Food Nation went to Providence and will air its adventures at local eateries at 9 p.m. on Wednesday on the Travel Channel.

USA Rugby League encourages everyone to join in this incredible opportunity for the Rebellion team and the USARL as a whole, by tuning in and watching this episode

Host Adam Richman visited Bob & Timmy’s, the Haven Brothers, and Olneyville NY System to film an episode for the show’s fourth season, which puts a twist on previous episodes by recruiting “local talent to take on their beloved hometown challenges.”

Richman then teams up with the Rhode Island Rebellion Rugby League team, coaching a player through the 15 fully-loaded (mustard, onions, and meat sauce) hot wieners in 45 minutes challenge at Olneyville NY System.

These behind-the-scenes photos shows Richman with the Rebellion Team and discovering the Haven Brothers, the “oldest restaurant on wheels” for a Triple Murder burger and sharing a pizza with a customer at Bob & Timmy’s.

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